12 Step Treatment Centres


12 StepTreatmentCentres.com is a modern definitive guide for 12 Step Treatment Centres throughout the world. We are based in the UK and have registered many addiction treatment, drug treatment, drug abuse treatment, alcohol abuse treatment, addiction rehabs, drug rehabs, alcohol rehabs plus other related facilities on the guide since we began. This also includes Sober Living Homes, Sober Living Houses and Transitional Living houses. We have tried to include all of the relevant information that you will need to assist you in making the decision as to which service you need when choosing an Alcohol treatment or Drug rehab center.

This addiction treatment guide is aimed at providing an informative resource to people searching for help for either themselves or other family members. The guide allows those registered to place 12 Step Treatment Centres work vacancies on the guide as well as pictures of there organisation and unlimited text of the service provided, this is to help those seeking help to make a more informed decision as to which addiction treatment service would be most suitable. 

So whether you are looking to book a place in a drug rehabilitation unit or you are a service owner, we hope this guide helps provide you with the necessary information and help for everything connected with your needs.


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