12 step fellowship for family and friends of someone addicted to cocaine or other mind-altering substances

The Co-Anon Family Groups have but one purpose - to help the family members and friends of someone who is addicted to cocaine or other mind-altering substances.

Co-Anon Family Groups carries out their purpose by practicing the Twelve Steps of Cocaine Anonymous themselves, by understanding addiction and carrying the message of hope and personal recovery whether the addict is using or not. It is through the fellowship that they learn to cope with their difficulties by sharing their experience, strength, and hope with others.

Contact Information

Phone: 480.442.3869

Co-Anon Family Groups

Do forgive
Do be honest with yourself
Do be humble
Do take it easy – tension is harmful
Do play- find recreation and hobbies
Do keep trying whenever you fail
Do learn the facts about addiction and alcoholism
Do attend Co-Anon meetings often
Do pray

Don’t be self-righteous
Don’t try to dominate, nag, scold, and complain
Don’t lose your temper
Don’t try to push anyone but yourself
Don’t keep bringing up the past
Don’t keep checking up on your addict/alcoholic
Don’t wallow in self pity 
Don’t make threats you don’t intend to carry out
Don’t be overprotective
Don’t be a doormat

Additional Features
Co-Anon Family Groups Meetings
Co-Anon Family Groups Meetings

Co-Anon Family Groups offers face to face and virtual meetings. Links for states, countries and virtual are listed on their home page. Clicking on a link shows a calendar for the meetings. 

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