12 step fellowship for recovering from emotional problems not related to substance abuse

They are a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may recover from their emotional illness and help others who still suffer to find a new way of life.

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They read the following in each of their meetings. It is entitled “About Our Meeting”, and will tell you a little about who they are.

"We work towards a personality change, which can be defined as a “spiritual awakening.” It is a slow process for the average person, but few of us have failed to experience it. With it we have attained happiness and the feeling that we want to pass on to other unhappy people, the knowledge and peace of mind that we have received in this program. We try to establish in you the confidence that we understand your feelings because we have been there too. In the meetings, no matter how insignificant the expressed thought may be, or how many times the subject may have come up, there is always an excellent chance that it might be just the thing you most need to help you over a rough spot. We found that the more we put into this program, the more we get out of it. It can only work for those who need and want this program. In these Twelve Steps can be found the answer to any problem. When we practice these principles in all our affairs, we find what we all seek, contentment and peace of mind."

Phone: 626.722.5779

Emotional Health Anonymous
Emotional Health Anonymous

Emotional Health Anonymous is based on the same 12 steps as Alcoholics Anonymous only adapted to people who suffer from emotional problems not related to substance abuse. Many of them were driven into EHA by depression, severe anxiety, anger brought on by chronic resentment along with many other debilitating emotional symptoms. By coming back on a regular basis to EHA meetings, they become familiar with the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions on which our fellowship is based. Their program is based solely on the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

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Emotional Health Anonymous Meetings
Emotional Health Anonymous Meetings

EHA offers face to face meetings in the Los Angeles area which during the pandemic have been changed to teleconference meetings.