12 step fellowship specifically for those who are affected by another's marijuana use

Mar-Anon is a fellowship of those affected by another person's marijuana use. Its foundation is the Twelve Steps, adapted from Marijuana Anonymous, which can be a powerful, life-changing tool. They come together to work the steps and offer hope, comfort and support for other members. 

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Many times they have heard:
"It's just pot - what's the problem?"

Confusion and self-doubt ensue. They spin between the belief that marijuana is harmless and their own conviction that something is wrong in their relationship with a habitual user. They can feel isolated. They can even feel like they are going crazy.

The Mar-Anon fellowship understands. Although many think it less serious than other drugs or alcohol, marijuana is a mind and mood altering drug that can be addictive for some people. For those who seek recovery from marijuana abuse, there is a 12-Step program - Marijuana Anonymous. For friends and families whose lives are affected by a loved one's marijuana use, there is Mar-Anon.

Like any addictive behavior, habitual marijuana use has an impact that extends beyond the user. In Mar-Anon, they seek to recover from the effects of this family disease by learning about addiction and co-dependency; taking responsibility for their own lives; and by sharing experience, strength and hope with one another. The only requirement for membership in Mar-Anon is that a person be affected by another’s marijuana use.

Dealing with someone’s addiction can be a painful struggle but it also creates opportunity. While they have found that they cannot change others, they can transform themselves and create more serenity, clarity, and happiness in their own lives.

Mar-Anon Family Groups
Mar-Anon Family Groups

Over the years, some of them have tried to find support in Al-Anon or in Nar-Anon. Many desperate families have contacted Marijuana Anonymous (M.A.) looking for help.  Mar-Anon is a 12-Step program designed specifically for those who are affected by another's marijuana use. 

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Mar-Anon Meetings
Mar-Anon Meetings

Since Mar-Anon is relatively new and does not have a lot of resources, at this time there is only a private Google Group that you need to request to join.