12 step inclusive fellowship to stop addictive sexual behaviors

Their primary purpose is to stop their addictive sexual behavior and to help others recover from sexual addiction.

Recovery was possible for most of them only when we accepted the fact that they were powerless over their addictive sexual behavior and that they were incapable of changing without help from outside themselves. Many of them came to this realization when they started attending SAA meetings. In that setting they heard stories similar to their own and realized that recovery from their malady was possible. They learned through the SAA Fellowship that they were not hopelessly defective.

Their website includes the following features.

  • Explanations of the group - its background, principles and methods
  • Meeting Finder (In Person, Telephone and Online)
  • Free Pamphlets
  • Free "Green Book" - SAA's basic text online
  • Organization Information
  • Online Store


Contact Information

Phone: 800.477.8191

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous

As a fellowship, Sex Addicts Anonymous is open to anyone of any gender with the desire to stop addictive sexual behavior.  Some groups, however, are free to make an autonomous decision to gear their meetings toward a specific group within the fellowship.  For example, there are meetings for men, women, LGBT individualssexual anorexics, professionals, and those who have committed acts that either have been or could be considered illegal.  Such meetings are meant to allow those of us who attend them to speak more freely, to give us the opportunity to meet with others who may understand us better, or to better protect our anonymity.  These kinds of meetings have proven to be valuable.  Our experience suggests, however, that we gain much by also attending meetings that are as open and diverse as possible.

Additional Features
Find a Meeting
Find a Meeting

The SAA website lists meetings for face to face meetings, online (Zoom) meetings and telephone meetings. The face to face meetings display on a map and are filterable by location. All of the meetings are displayed on the same page. 

SAA Literature
SAA Literature

The SAA website offers a fairly extensive list of free literature for viewing on the site, including the SAA Basic Text, called the "Green Book". These items can also be purchased online to support the fellowship. 

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