Weekly small online groups for those wanting to be free from unwanted sexual behavior

Created by the makers of the Live Free app. Paid membership in Small Groups Online has the Live Free app membership included.As of October 2020 membership was $39.00 USD per month.

Weekly paid small online groups for those wanting to be free from unwanted sexual behavior
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Small Groups Online has the following features.


Honesty within your group is essential, yes, but there’s a difference between growing together and oversharing with too many people. Take comfort in knowing that you can be vulnerable in a safe space, and among a small number of men or women committed to honoring one another’s privacy.


    Connect face-to-face with your small group for one hour each week through our built-in, video-conferencing software, where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in whatever way necessary – be it confession, encouragement, prayer, or the simple fact that showing up together means we are not alone.


    You’re in good hands. Each of our online small groups is led by a qualified facilitator who is equipped to guide meaningful conversations and offer you the advice, support, truth, and grace necessary to begin (let alone, end) this journey toward freedom and healing that you’ve begun.


    Get free access to the Live Free app which offers you all of the encouragement and support you’ll need from your online community 24/7, right at your fingertips. Experience authentic community, find real accountability and get access to exclusive content offering practical teaching — all in one place.

Small Groups Online
Small Groups Online

The four core principles they seek to embody:

Grace – They are here to help you, affirm you and encourage you. They are not here to condemn you, and they will not compound upon the shame that so many people are already experiencing.

Not to be harassed – Seeking healing is your choice. So is your participation in these groups. They will not hunt you down if you haven’t been to a meeting in a couple of weeks. The choice for healing is yours and they will not try to force that choice on you.

Honesty – They will always tell you the truth.

Confidentiality – Their groups are completely confidential. You are welcome to speak freely and without judgment. The things discussed in small groups online are about difficult and intimate issues. They recognize that. Your privacy is their priority.