Free Social Network with Mobile and Online Tools

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, with a form of support and ongoing care after getting sober, it's possible for relapse rates to decline from the average of 50%. Sobriety Engine is dedicated to providing such support from the easy and comfort of an online network or a mobile device.

Social Network with Free Mobile and Online App for Recovery
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What You'll Find

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching challenges unhealthy thought patterns and creates new belief systems. We hold one recovery coaching group a week with a leading industry expert to guide you in everyday challenges.

Guided Meditation

Studies show that meditation can combat depression, anxiety, and reduce relapse rates. Sobriety Engine holds weekly meditation groups to stay grounded and centered. 


Understand the root of your unhealthy patterns. With four immersive courses ranging from emotional sobriety to relapse prevention, go through each course at your own pace.  

Accountability & Connection

Create connection and new relationships just by showing up. Sobriety Engine offers support groups, weekly check-ins, challenges, and feedback from community members to help apply newfound tools to everyday life.

Sobriety Engine
Sobriety Engine

Founded by the creators of Sober Nation as a private and inclusive online sober community, Sobriety Engine is a support group and sober social network platform to provide on-the-go accountability and help maintain your sobriety wherever life may take you.