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Their mission is to form and nurture an accessible, comprehensive, interactive continuum of care – both online and real-world – for people seeking to understand, confront, and heal problems with sexual behavior and relationship intimacy.

Therapist Based Resources for Sex and Relationship Healing, including podcasts, meetings, and blogs.
Sex and Relationship Healing Website

There are many blogs, inspirational and informational articles, podcasts, tests, resources, workshops, online support groups, and events available on this website. Main therapists are Dr. Robert Weiss, Tami VerHelst, Dr. David Fawcett, and Scott Brassart.  

Webinars and Drop-In Groups
A Testimonial

Dr. Rob validates partners in their relationship with an addict, helping partners find the truth of their situation, and to cut through the lies and excuses to find facts an reality. I can believe what Dr. Rob says because, as an addict himself, he has lived the addiction and recovery experience. I also know he feels the pain that partners go through because he displays the empathy we are looking for (but usually can’t get from our addicted spouse). He has done a lot for my emotional well-being, giving me tools to identify red flags when they come up, and to recognize my partner’s sincerity and sorrow. Tami’s point of view is also helpful in identifying the triggers of his addiction and helping me understand that like the whack-a-mole game, he stops one addictive behavior and starts another. Dr. Rob and Tami have also noted that depression and anxiety can manifest along with addictions, and that is truly my partner’s situation. They have helped me understand this. As of now, my partner says that terms like sexual trauma, neglect, and abuse do not resonate with him, but it’s possible that that may change as he gets deeper into his recovery.

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    Online Events
    Webinars and Drop-In Groups

    There are three types of interactive groups, color-coded as follows:

    • Live Q&A. These sessions are webinar format, so the host is visible but guests are not. 
    • Drop-In Discussion Groups: In these sessions, your image and username are visible to the moderator and other participants. 
    • Webinars: Your image does not appear on-screen. To ask questions, we suggest you use the Q&A feature at the bottom of your video screen.