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I’m Mike Genung, founder of Blazing Grace.

I struggled with multiple forms of sexual sin from my teen years until 1999, which included porn, masturbation, promiscuity, adultery, and sex with prostitutes. After being in bondage to sexual sin for 20 years, eight of which were spent in various recovery programs, I was set free after finally putting all my hope and trust in God.

You can read more of my story here.

Because the church didn’t talk about sex or porn, I assumed I was a freak. But when I saw the surveys in 1999 that showed 50% of Christian men were viewing porn, I was shocked. How could so many Christians be struggling with a sin so devastating that it destroys marriages, yet no one is talking about it?

That was 1999. Today’s surveys show that two thirds of Christian men are viewing porn… and those are just the honest ones.  Christian women are struggling with this too; women are the fastest growing segment when it comes to viewing pornography.

Blazing Grace is launched

Because I wanted to help others, I started a grace-centered support group for men in 2000.  The group grew, and I started writing articles. I discovered a love for writing, and in 2004 set up the Blazing Grace website.

When I was in bondage to lust I was desperate for answers, not only about how to break free, but how to heal my marriage. Adultery is one of the most traumatic events a couple has to recover from; many marriages don’t make it.

I can’t stand seeing a family ripped apart because of sexual sin. I get angry knowing that the church has the answers and could save many marriages, but often misses the opportunity because leadership is afraid to talk about sex. Blazing Grace is here to help, with resources, counseling, and groups.

Blazing Grace is about proven, straightforward answers to help you Rebuild your life, Restore your relationships, and Renew your mind.

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