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Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching challenges unhealthy thought patterns and creates new belief systems. We hold one recovery coaching group a week with a leading industry expert to guide you in everyday challenges.

Guided Meditation

Studies show that meditation can combat depression, anxiety, and reduce relapse rates. Sobriety Engine holds weekly meditation groups to stay grounded and centered.
Up-to-date information for people interested in 12 step programs brings people together around the issues of 12 Step recovery by providing concise, up-to-date information for people interested in 12 step programs for drug and alcohol addictions.

The Clearing Website
The Clearing treatment center compiled a list of 25 top bloggers about addiction and recovery

25 Recovery Bloggers

The Clearing is the only licensed treatment program in the United States presenting a 28-day residential wellness program to a group of ten individuals who will begin and end the session together.  The advantages of a cohort are extraordinary.  You'll learn to effectively resolve the issues holding you back in life in unison with others as you feel the safety and trust of a stable, supportive and equally dedicated community around you.