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For men who are dealing with addictive sexual behaviors, Path for Men offers courses, coaching, community and a My Path video series. 

MyPath is for anyone who seeks to gain a clear understanding and knowledge of what successful, sustained, long-term recovery from sexual addiction includes. The program is about the individual. Whether you're single or in a relationship you can participate in MyPath.

MyPath serves anyone that feels lost, stuck, or frustrated with their recovery efforts. It's designed to help you create a lifestyle that supports recovery. It's for people who are ready to work. Who want to feel confident in their recovery efforts. Is that you?

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Path for Men
Path for Men

Struggling with sex and porn addiction can create feelings of frustration, anger, loneliness, and shame. Few addictions create as much hurt and pain. For many, sex addiction is something they’ve struggle with for years or even decades. Dr. Kevin Skinner, licensed therapist and sex addiction expert, offers an invitation and a promise that recovering from sex addiction is possible. 

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Path for Men Courses
Path for Men Courses

Many video courses dealing with compulsive sexual behavior, emotional well-being and relationships